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Insurance for your Collectables
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For collections with sums insured of £30,000 and up to £74,999 and/or where there are single item(s) valued at £7500 or higher included, the insurer's minimum security conditions automatically apply as follows. For sums insured of £75,000 or above a security alarm is normally required. For sums insured of £100,000 and above a security survey by the insurer maybe required.

Minimum security level

You have confirmed to us that your home is protected with the following minimum level of security

(i) Doors
All external doors and internal doors leading to integral garages, are fitted with a key-operated deadlock.

(ii) Garage Doors
All garage doors are fitted with a key-operated lock (other than a rim latch) or a good quality padlock.

(iii) Windows
All external basement, ground floor and garage windows, and any windows, skylights and fanlights accessible from roofs, fire escapes, down spouts, walls or other features of any building are fitted with key-operated window locks or screwed or bolted shut.

Note: This does not apply to opening of less than 23cm by 15cm (9 inches by 6 inches).

(iv) Louvre Windows
The glass in louvre windows is glued into it's mounting by strong adhesive, for example superglue.

These requirements do not apply to fire exits designated by the fire prevention officer.

If you do not have this minimum level of security this policy will not provide for theft, attempted theft of malicious damage, where entry into your home is made or attempted. We may also cancel the policy from the date the level of security is not present.

Security Conditions

All doors and windows must be locked whenever:

1 there is no person in charge of the home within the boundaries of the land belonging to the home;


2 you go to bed at night (windows in rooms you are sleeping in do not need to be locked)

If you have the minimum security described above but do not take the action described in security conditions, a £1,000 excess will apply to any claim for theft, attempted theft or malicious damage, where entry into the home is made or attempted.

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